Complication Lab
Available now on your iPhone and Apple Watch

Complication Lab gives everyone the power to create their own complications.

  • Choose from 10+ data types, including heart rate and blood oxygen.
  • Style it yourself
  • Keep track of your goals
  • Corner or gauges display option
  • Create your own color palette
  • Create a many complications as you want
  • You have the freedom to find the perfect combination that fits your style

Our app takes full advantage of the power of the new Apple Watch Series 6 and the latest new features of watchOS 7. We support the Apple Watch Series 4 and up.

More features and Health data types will follow this fall.

About the Developers

We’re a young team of 2 befriended developers: Louis, the youngest graduate of the Italian Apple Developer Academy and Olivier, previous WWDC scholarship winner.

We are both from Flanders, the Dutch speaking part of Belgium. 

Fun section
Olivier started out collecting watch bands, but when that got out of hand, he needed even more customizations. To take his watch game to the next level, every aspect of the watch should have the option to be tweaked. After more than 2,5 years of development, complication lab is our collective vision of what the ultimate personalization studio should be: no compromises.

What differentiates Complication Lab from others in the same category?
  1. The customization aspect. Apple Watch is Apple’s most personal product, and we felt severely constrained by the amount of freedom we could have with our watch faces. In order to express ourselves to the fullest, we needed tools and more flexibility. Complication lab provides those tools. 
  2. Monitoring our health at a glance at all times.
  3. We help you achieve a goal that’s tailored to you.
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